Über uns

1. Farm Philosophy

2. One-world-symbiotic-organic-farm, Professional Bee Keeping and Wood Oven Bakery

3. The Farm in Numbers


1. Farm Philosophy

In the beginning there was the environmental question: “How should agricultural look in order to fulfil the earth and humans?”

Since 1986 in Voigtholz we are trying to actualise a model-like answer to this question in practice. The aim was also to try and develop a composition out of biological organic growing, permaculture and agro-forestry. In other words to begin with a complete farm organism with integrated environmental protection, regenerative energy operation, maximum harvest and quality optimised working! Synergy effects should also be used efficiently, how to effectively bring the products to markets and the success especially in the ecological area that are introduced to the public and available media. Important are all existing communicative possibilities, constructions to be visualised on site. The offered farm tours (with snack) are especially mentioned, nothing convinces and satisfies more than “a good taste” And we wish to you good appetite! You are invited. The form for the farm tours you can find here.


2. One-world-symbiotic-organic-farm, Professional Bee Keeping and Wood Oven Bakery

DE-006 Öko-Kontrollstelle D-NI-006-12430-ABD

 Bioland Betriebs Nr. 33388


The nature protection farm:

Regenerative energy use in the form of wind energy, photovoltaic, wood burning



Fallow land, hedges, forest, benjes hedges, solitary trees, fruit orchards, wetlands, ponds, grassland and fields, “dead wood island”


Nesting help:

For kestrels, screech owls and white storks, ca. 100 nests for cave and half cave breeders, special boxes for tree creepers and tree sparrows. Bat boxes and hornetvilles and nesting help for insects


Agriculture for humans and nature


The Bioland farm has been in the district of Peine since 1986

Branches of industry

  • Wood oven bakery
  • Professional bee keeping
  • Field fruit & vegetable growing
  • Sheep, pig, cattle, horse keeping, chickens, ducks
  • Direct marketing from the farm shop
  • Coffee and cake when visiting the shop
  • Farm tours with snack from 8 € per person
  • Wood oven bakery workshops

...we are looking forward to your visit!

 Farm Shop business hours:

 Friday        14:00 – 19:00
Saturday     09:00 – 13:00

Voigtholz Eichkamp 16 31234 Edemissen  Tel/Fax (05176) 1538

Bauernhof erleben - Qualität genießen!




3. The Farm in Numbers (May 2009)


Forest with moor and pond 40.092 m²
Fields with fruit orchards 18.718 m²
Green houses 150 m²
Farm area 2000 m²
Hedges and Bosks 4000 m²
Vegetables and Fruit 5000 m²
Green land 10.5272 m²
Sheep 17 Mutterschafe
Cows 3 Kühe, 3 Kälber
Pigs 6 Mastschweine
Ducks 1 Zuchtpaar
Chicken 99 Hühner, 2 Hähne
Fish Forellen, Karpfen und ein Stör
Horse 1

ca. 40 colonies after winter, with the season 40 “branches”

Wood oven bakery 1
Farm shop 1
Market van 1

Machinery & Equipment

Bicycles with trailers 5
Rotary hoe   1
Recumbent bike 1
Beetflieger (mobile weeding aid) 1
Tractor 1 Fendt GT 250
Car 1 Mercedes Benz 250 TD


Trainee´s and WWOOFers wanted:

From March till December we offer positions for all-round interested people. Accommodation at the pond, in a tent, site caravan (with power & oven) or guest room. We love to work together with international guests. So far we have had guests from Japan, Taiwan, Lithuania, Russia, Australia, Germany, Canada and USA. Thanks for your visit and come again soon. We also look forward to other nationalities. But please speak a bit of German or English.