"Farmer – for Humans and Earth – Close to Paradise”  

Intensive Practical Course

The aim of this 4 week course is to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the farmers´ life. The course includes in depth information about the political and scientific basis of my production techniques and their integration into the surrounding environment.

The workshop guide has many years of practical experience and has also studied pedagogy, biology and German language & literature. He has also trained in agricultural bee keeping.

The farm works with as much


Some of the course contents are dependent on the season but where possible the students are involved in the farms processes of

Hence the farm is composed of the following


Food as an experience – Relish without regret

Meals are prepared almost exclusively from the farms own production, with a Mediterranean character in summer. The workshop is not offered to vegetarians.

The workshop is run over the following months with associated activities



Spring sowing, animal husbandry, bee keeping 


Spring sowing, animal husbandry, bee keeping 


Spring sowing, animal husbandry, bee keeping, harvesting, processing, hay 


Care, picking, further processing, bee keeping, hay 


Care, picking, further processing, bee keeping, hay and straw



Harvest, storage, candle production, slaughtering


Weekly and daily tasks

Vegetable growing, harvesting, marketing, wheat grinding, dough kneading, baking, cow husbandry, hand milking, cheese making and animal husbandry. 

A booking is made for the course by contacting the farm and transferring half of the course fee by the 15th of the previous month to starting. The rest is to be paid at the beginning of the workshop.

Post Bank Hanover – Account Number 016 75 76 304  BLZ 250 100 30


Vivia (... die Gelebte oder die Lebendige!?)

Du stehst am Fluss

und schaust ihm zu,

spürst des Lebens Kuss

und bist froh im Nu!


Träumst so den Traum,

vom heilen Leben,

an seinem Saum,

und fühlst ein Beben!


Du spürst den Glanz,

auf der anderen Seite,

des Glückes Tanz,

in gar so ferner Weite ...


Der Sinn des Lebens

ist nicht still stehen,

ohne Aufhebens,

lehrt der Fluss dich gehn!


Du und der Fluss, so gib fein acht,

im Lebenskreislauf,

mal wilder - mal sacht,

er fließt hinab — Du gehst hinauf!


Hast erfahren den Sinn,

den Grund deines Seins

und tief in Dir drin,

siehst du die Brücke ...,

(oder Dein Leben ist keins?!)



So groß und rein,

kann's sein.

hoch droben,

tollen und toben,

wissend wie's ist,

 unten im Mist.


Der Kompost ist bereitet,

er uns nun leitet,

befruchtend durchs Leben

und stehen daneben

und sind mittendrin,

zu blühen ist unser Sinn!

Viel Glück