Ökolyrik vom Waldmann

Author:       Ulf Lahmann,

Titel:         Für Dich, Froh sei Dein Tag und fröhlich Dein Morgen

Content:       67  Poems      

Price:        19,80 €  plus 3,-€ shipping

As an example an english poem from the book:



Now there’s the time,

for butterflies,

we’ll be fine

in your eyes!


The gren is bright,

In the sun,

brilliant the light,

let’s have fun!


The fun of love,

Flowers of cherry,

blossoming above,

sorrows don’t carry!


Warm winds are tuning,

can you see the swallow,

our souls are burning,

please let us follow!


The spring through the year,

without any fear,

just luck allaround,

see what we’ve found!


We’ve found the otherone,

it should never be gone,

all living is on its way,

let’s participate, don’t stay!